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Monarch HDX control module for Ross

Thank you for your interest in the Matrox Monarch HDX. Matrox is pleased to offer a sample module to allow users to operate their Monarch HDX using ROSS DashBoard network control software.

Included with the module is a document which describes how to use the Matrox Monarch HDX Module in a ROSS DashBoard network control system. The module was developed using the Monarch HDX Control API which allows users to start and stop recording and streaming operations programmatically. A document describing the API can be found here.

This module is provided free of charge as a sample only, as is. The intent is to allow users to test the Monarch HDX in their ROSS DashBoard network control environments and modify the module to best fit their needs. Matrox will not provide development support for the modification of this module.

Please provide the information below and we will email you a link where you may download the module and the associated documentation.