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The IPMX Network - Building Bridges not Fences

In April, the collaborators behind IPMX (Internet Protocol Media Experience) finalized and released the VSF TR-10 open specifications. After seven years of development, an open, interoperable, fully IP Pro AV specification is here.

IPMX open specifications are based on the proven SMPTE ST 2110 standard, and further supported with features specific to the needs of Pro AV and PC/IT products. Veteran industry bodies including SMPTE, EBU, AES, AMWA, VSF, and the JT-NM, collaborated with AIMS – who provided the product management framework for IPMX – to achieve this milestone.

 IPMX deals first and foremost with interoperability between key asset classes in organizations comprising of PC/IT equipment and networks. 

In this whitepaper, Matrox Video, a supporter of open standards and IPMX, explains the foundation of IPMX and its utility to the market.