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Recorded Webinar: Enabling Software-Only Broadcast Facilities: Virtual, Hybrid, Cloud


Are you ready to virtualize? Find out how you can apply the benefits of IT to your broadcasting operation. This webinar explores how to design and develop broadcast systems that work equally well on premises and in the cloud. Discover how to update your broadcast operation with the latest technology, common challenges, and current best-practices.

In this webinar you will learn:

How to design broadcast systems that work both on premises and in the cloud
Available technologies and how to apply them
Ways to apply the latest technologies to specific workflowsThe challenges of writing media processing in software
The common challenges of blocking and copying and how you can achieve asynchronous processing and sharing data
Lessons from other industries


Richard I. Cartwright | Technical Leader, Software Engineering, Matrox Video U.K.  

Cartwright holds a PhD degree in computer science from the University of Warwick, Coventry, U.K., where he studied the application of parallel computation to virtual reality models. He has previously worked at the BBC, U.K., Snell Advanced Media, Newbury, U.K., and, Nordics, and was the Technical Steering Committee Chair of the AMWA. He co-authored the Joint Taskforce for Networked Media (JT-NM) Reference Architecture and contributed to the JT-NM Roadmap. He is a prolific developer of open-source software for technologies including Material Exchange Format (MXF), Advanced Authoring Format (AAF), Moving Picture Experts Group - Transport Stream (MPEG-TS), SDI, and FFmpeg, in languages including C++, Java, Javascript and OpenCL. He applies his deep knowledge of broadcast workflows, IT systems and cloud technology to champion asynchronous media technologies.