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Recorded webinar: How to Overcome the Challenges of ST 2110 Infrastructures

How to Overcome the Challenges of ST 2110 Infrastructures

Find out how Matrox’s groundbreaking new SMPTE ST 2110 signal generator and diagnostic appliance, Matrox VERO, is helping to alleviate some of the common challenges faced in ST 2110-networked environments. Matrox’s VP of Sales and Business Development, Francesco Scartozzi, and VRT’s Design and Engineering Manager, Willem Vermost will discuss the importance of the JT-NM Tested Program, the move toward self-testing, and the top concerns for broadcasters integrating new ST 2110 equipment. A live demonstration of the Matrox VERO device and a Q&A will follow this not-to-be-missed session.



Willem Vermost | Design & Engineering Manager, VRT

Prior to his current position, he worked at EBU as a topic lead on the transition to IP-based studios. With more than 20 years of experience in broadcast, he is an expert and project manager of international strategic, expert groups and events. He worked on various proof-of-concept, including the multi-award-winning Flemish Radio and Television (VRT) Live IP Proof of Concept (POC) and started the EBU LIST project that has grown into an international project.

Francesco Scartozzi | Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Matrox Video

He has been a key team member since he began in 1995. Having held roles ranging from application engineering to sales, he is adept at identifying the trends in the broadcast and media industry, collaborating with research and development teams to create cost-effective solutions, and working with customers to improve their workflows.